Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love Letters: Debriefing

Note to self:

Karin, remember.

You can try. But face it.

You're just not the kind of girl who goes solo into a bar with 200 mingling people you don't know, especially a crowd made up primarily of 20-something women drinking martinis and, most clearly obvious by virtue of dress and over-shouted confidence, dying to engage the handful of men in the room and, like you, seem dying to make some sort of adventure out of the awkwardness,

(and you're not looking down on this crowd, you're really not, but you can see them so clearly, see their hopes so obviously, and you can see yourself in contrast and in common, and wonder how the handful of men see both themselves and you)

so you should clearly do just what you did, which was to throw back that first glass of sangria, exit the scene in your (also too obvious, you think) knit dress and Mary Jane heels and instead go solo to the late movie at Kendall Square, (a far more forgiving endeavor, to be sure) without any regrets for having tried the former,

but again remembering what made you leave.


Anonymous said...

Hey - thanks for the debriefing! Sorry to hear it was a success only to the younglings, bummer. I hope you enjoyed the movie at least? I probably would have done just what you did, if it makes you feel any better... (it probably doesn't, I know...) Anyhow, I am sure you saw this article in the NYT, but just in case you didn't, you'd probably be interested:

Random Blog Reader said...

Minus the sangria, I had the same reaction and did almost the same thing! (I had another event to go to afterwards, so I just went in and out.) We probably just missed each other.

Karin said...


When are we forming this club, BTW?

Well, at least the folks in charge had a good time:

I assume it would have been OK, had I gone with a friend or a date. Maybe the next time around we should tag team!

Random Blog Reader said...

@Karin, We're forming the club as soon as we can figure out a time to meet!