Monday, April 19, 2010

Tired, tempted

Last night, beginning just after sunset, I ran nearly 9 miles around the city, finished laundry, created a batch of homemade chicken lentil soup and ate several bowls, realized insomnia was inevitable, resultingly got into a series of IM conversations, and crawled into bed just as the BBC World News began its 8 am (GMT) news round-up.

Let's just say that today ... I'm tired.

(And work was busy, too.  Straight-out busy. It's 7:11 and I'm just getting done enough to the point it feels safe to leave.)

So it might explain why I curiously indulged an OKC chat request a few moments ago, from a 25-year old artist with big, round eyes, despite being sure I was likely the 13th girl he had run this line by today.

A couple of brain cells deep in the recesses almost wanted to submit.
Artist-Boy:  I have something kind of random to propose, but it may be JUST the thing for a kissable leggy insomniac with a great personality and a good sense of humor (and musical taste!)

Karin: Well, if it fits that well ... !

AB:  I live in NYC, but I'm staying in B------  for the night watching after my grandfather, but he goes to bed at 8:30. Tonight I was thinking about a roaring fire and a dusty scrabble board. Maybe walk down to the dock by the lake. The unfortunate thing is, I have no friends in sight. There's lots of cabernet. There's a candlelit jacuzzi too, but that might be too romantic and I don't want to pressure you into anything.

K:  Ah. Well that's kind.
AB:  It's random and out there, I know. But I'm bored and kinda lonely.
K:  No, it's kind and creative.I appreciate the thought.   I hate to tell you that I was up until 4 a.m. last night and am about to fall asleep here at my desk.

AB:  I see.   Hmm...

K:  I think my energy level would not be up to it.

AB:  well. I don't mind low energy. I have lots of reading and writing to do.

K:  Thanks. I can't go out to B------ tonight.

AB:  You could sleep at my feet by the fire, maybe with your head against my knee. I'll work and you'll doze. Nothing too intense.  You could even power nap before you leave. I was hoping 9:30 or 10 as a start time.

K:  You're sweet. I'm going to have to decline.

AB:  aww that's really too bad. :-/ Sure there's nothing i can do?
Hmm.  Insomnia sucks.

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