Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Friday


Here's what my tomorrow now looks like:
1) All day, the stock market is closed.  So is my office.

2) In the morning, coffee date at my favorite Southie coffee hang.  With a man I've been talking to who seems pretty darn nice.

3) In the afternoon, headed here to buy a bike, just in time for a day forecasted as "high of 68 degrees and mostly sunny."
      3b) Let me say again:  "68 degrees and mostly sunny."
      3c) Let me also say:   This is the forecast for Saturday and Sunday, too.

4) Later in the afternoon, a 5- or 6-mile run.

5) Early evening, a beer date.  With another man I've been talking to who also seems pretty nice.  And he's a runner.
So  none of this fits into the theological parameters of the most serious day of the Christian calendar.

But come on.  Still sounds pretty good, eh?


Kristin M. Y. said...

Sounds wonderful Karin. I'm jealous of everything except the running part. teehee. Have a blessed Easter weekend!

Runner Girl said...

Don't forget to go to church too. Happy Easter!