Monday, April 26, 2010

Stasis, thy name is mud....

Wow.  I have now felt what it feels like to decide, at present, that I no longer wish to let my inertia kick me in the butt and, instead, wish to kick it back.

The beatdown began Thursday night, as I sat in the office until 10:15 p.m. -- actually working until 10:15 p.m.  In doing so I cleared easily 20 tasks from my to-do list that had been on the list for a week or more.

Sure, I would have rather been sitting with a pitcher of PBR singing karaoke.  I would rather have had Peter Saarsgard giving me a foot massage. 

But damn, did it break the seal.

Friday night:  home from the gym at 9:30 p.m. and no longer able to stand the state of apartment. Dusted. Vacuumed. Purged foot-high pile of paper on my kitchen table.  Cleaned 2-month old egg detritus out of the microwave.  Windexed winter smudge off the patio doors.  Ran the stove grates through the dishwasher. Swept, then scrubbed living room and kitchen floor on hands and knees.  At 3 a.m., ceased activity, checked e-mail, downed a Long Trail Double Bag Ale, fell asleep like a baby on codeine

Saturday:  removed contents of medicine cabinet, wiped shelves, returned contents in sorted, logical fashion. Mailed package to nephew that should have been mailed 2 weeks ago.  Dropped 2 bags of clothes at the Goodwill, including my post-college interview suit hanging in my closet since 1994. Bought groceries and made a trip to the drugstore, using up stack of coupons from aforementioned kitchen table pile.  Removed Tupperware tub of old bedding unopened for 3 years, shook out moths, threw out more collegiate-era items.  Washed and dried the rest of contents, along with 3 additional loads of laundry.  Scrubbed down outside bedroom windows with soapy water.   While outside with step-ladder, pruned unruly boulevard tree with kitchen shears.

Sunday:  ran a 10K in the morning in 54 minutes, in the process catching up with  Bill and his family, who I haven't seen in 10 months.  Stopped at Home Depot to buy moth repellent devices. Got home, napped for energy.  Changed the cat litter.  Awoke and began laundering all earthly bedding and packing it with with moth repellent into trunk in storage unit.  In process, spent 4 unanticipated hours sorting all contents of basement storage unit, breaking down 15 shoe boxes and 15 more damp moving boxes last used in 2006.  Swept the basement floor.  At 12:30 a.m., in wind-down mode, logged onto OKC.  Purged all random IM messages and wrote several men to whom I had not yet replied, despite intentions.  Searched for awhile longer ... suddenly aware that the uncluttered mind has a lot of room to scope when not stressed about backlogged work, backlogged linens and unpruned boulevard tree.

Meanwhile, Monday is off to a wicked fast start.  I've already completed most of my day's tasks and know exactly how and when I'm going to finish the rest of them.



cousin j said...

I think I recall shopping at Southdale for that suit for you...congrats on the inertia!

Karin said...

@cousin j. Nice try. It was at Casual Corner in West Acres. ;-)

You know, my apartment thief stole the gold necklace I bought to go with it ... so it seemed fitting to not let it continue existing alone in my presence.