Monday, April 19, 2010

Grateful (IV)

Thief steals computer.

Thief, or thief's beneficiary, among other things, perhaps now enjoys the myriad contents of my iTunes library.

Purchase new computer.

Dig through backlog of CDs to populate new iTunes library.

Thusly, then, rediscover a choir disc from 2002, containing Irving Fine's "The Hour-Glass," a suite set to some poetry Ben Jonson wrote in 1606.

Download into iTunes.

Sync iPod.

Go running on a pleasant Sunday evening, with iPod, and listen to the first piece of "The Hour-Glass":

O know to end, as to begin :
A minute's loss in love is sin.
These humors will the night out-wear
In their own pastimes here ;
You do our rites much wrong,
In seeking to prolong
These outward pleasures :
The night hath other treasures
Than these, though long conceal'd,
Ere day to be reveal'd.
Then, know to end, as to begin ;
A minute's loss in love is sin.
Realize that Ben Jonson is an effing poetic genius.

Marvel at, yet again, how meaningful ends can sometimes emerge from shitty beginnings.

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veggiegal said...

Oh my, this is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing!