Thursday, March 10, 2011

You can say that again

C-2 and I are only very occasionally in touch since he moved more or less out of state in December.  He said hi at Christmas.  I wrote him late one night mid-January, in beery nostalgia.  Otherwise we're silent.

As has been discussed in this space ad nauseum, this is not a bad thing.  He and I are known to have highly above-average makeout sessions on occasion. Beyond that he is a badly-behaving distraction who, when given the excuse, I yearn for fruitlessly.  I know he doesn't want to (or can't) give me what I know I want even in a friendship, much less anything more.  Haven't seen him since October.

Hm.  But a few days ago, I was moved to include him on the e-mail invite to my upcoming birthday drinks outing. Within minutes:
C2:  Oh crap, I'll be back in (out-of-state city) by then. But I'm here for a week...Foley's at some point?
Within minutes:
Karin:  But of course.
Bad girl. (Slaps hand.)

Based on our track record of proclaiming we will be together and not being together, I find it unlikely this purported meeting will happen, which is (maybe / maybe not) why I so readily replied.  Although I probably have to admit I'd like it to happen.

So last night I was (surprise!) up very, very late, working on a volunteer editing job for church.  Lo, at 2:53 a.m. (surprise!):
C-2: mornin
K:  indeed
C-2: :)  how r ya
K:  I'm cool. I got caught up in a project. What you up to?
C-2:  just got home
K: Good night? (as in, did you have a good one?)
C-2:  one
C-2:  sec
K:  O
K:  K
C-2:  :)
Eighteen minutes pass.
C-2:  ok, back now
K:  Cool.  I think I have about 5 minutes left in me.
C-2:  yeah, probably true with me too.  Shall we just say g'night?

K:  Sure.
C-2:  less fun than we used to be  :)
K:   Hey, I'm up. That's got to be worth something.
C-2:  it's something
Ain't that the truth.

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