Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday (or a short tale in 19 scenes)

Curtain up

9 a.m.-7 p.m.:  Classic bad day at the office, including getting ripped a new a**hole by a client, over the phone (in case you didn't know such a thing was possible.)

7:01:  Head to gym, elliptical machine specifically, burn off residual pain and anger from new a**hole.  Sweat heavily.

7:36:  While in locker room re-dressing in work clothes, to be presentable for 32-dollar Beethoven tickets at Symphony Hall, find that dress zipper for black and white party dress does not move past the waist.

7:36-8:05:  Pace around locker room trying to get dress zipper to move past the waist.  In either direction.  Dress will not stay on.  Dress will not come off.

8:06:  Borrow scissors from gym front desk.  Cut zipper apart. Take off dress.

8:08: Realize that tank top and yoga pants, unsweaty and fresh and in backpack due to not attending 6 p.m. yoga due to previously mentioned a**hole ripping, are presentable wear for Symphony Hall when paired with black knee boots (5-inch heels) and cardigan.

8:12-18:  Realize that riding bike in yoga pants and 5-inch heels isn't as easy as it looks.

8:19:  Storm the gates of Symphony Hall, missing the late seating.

8:20-8:56:  Cool heels in first balcony salon with help from a $10 cosmopolitan from the salon bar.

9:00:  Head to assigned seat to find on it someone else's coat and gloves.  Look around in confusion.

9:01:  Handsome 30-something male in sport coat appears out of nowhere, apologizes for leaving his things, sits down in his seat, one over.

9:02-9:16:  Have exceedingly smooth and flirtatious conversation about music and life with handsome 30-something male in sport coat -- a French-born accountant.

9:17-10:15:  Listen enrapt to second half of Haydn and Beethoven program, sharing witty asides with French-born accountant during the triple-forte sections.

9:28 (or thereabouts):  Think of how the accountant will tell grandchildren about how grandma getting her zipper stuck at the gym causing extreme tardiness led to their very existence.

10:16-10:20:  Head down stairs with accountant, getting ready to suggest heading for a nightcap to dissect the differences between Beethoven and Haydn first brought up during intermission.

10:21:  Listen to accountant say, "I have to take an early bus in the morning, but maybe I'll see you some other time at one of these events!" and watch as he waves, turns, and runs towards Green Line.

10:22-24:  Stand on steps of Symphony Hall.

10:25-11:31:  At Symphony 8, site of the Handel & Haydn Society's reception for "young professionals," recall that young professionals can often be cliquey, decide further attempts at socialization beside the point, sit at bar, alone, drink 2 pints of Guinness, watch Indiana State get pummeled by Syracuse, realize the danger of the choice to drink Guinness alone after being rejected by an accountant in the wake of emotional fragility over goodbye to C-2, notice tears unstoppably running down cheeks.

11:32-12:05:  Biking 5 miles home after 2 pints of Guinness and dehydration from crying is not as easy as it looks. But it happens.

Day 17 of 31:  2 miles
Day 18 of 31:  2
Day 19 of 31:  5.93
March Total:  31.08
2011 Total: 134.14

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Anonymous said...

@Karin. After reading this, I'm so sorry for you. You deserved that French accountant. Please feel better.