Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A (flipside and kind of manic) Monday

Yesterday was first a crappy day.  But then became a good day.

Crappy? And why? (You're certainly asking?)

I don't know. It was Monday. My morning bike ride went poorly. It was March 28 and still colder outside than it had been here February 28. A spreadsheet I spent hours compiling last Friday proved to be ineffective in achieving the task I wanted it to achieve on Monday. My early-evening bike ride to rehearsal went poorly, including an estimated 48 potholes per mile and a match of hopscotch-to-certain-death with a #77 bus making frequent stops.

Then .... I ate a can of black beans and a banana while waiting for rehearsal to start.  That had to have been the worm-turner. Because as rehearsal began my colleagues in song and dance were acting chipperly. I can only guess that consuming 180% of my daily fiber amped me up, but suddenly I was no longer annoyed by such spirit, and became the happiest person alive.

Which made it possible, mid-rehearsal, when logging onto my computer for clerical work related to my position, to fall into unaffected conversation with C-2 when he pinged me on Gmail, for the first time since he drove away last week, with a massive "YO!"
Karin:  How did your drive end up going last week?
C-2: argh
SO sucked
K: Really? What happened?
C-2: just...crappy truck, lots of rain, long long drive. etc
K: Did your tv make it?
C-2: haha. yes
and it's now attached to 1200 dollar speakers :)
K: Sounds like that alone was a reason to move... ;-)

C-2: :)
K: Now if I can just find a guy with 1200 dollar speakers, we'll be even!
C-2: that sounds like a good online post...
K: Craiglist, maybe?
wanted: big sound system.
C-2: haha. do it!
Which was the kind of silliness and unspoken affection he and I used to have all the time before we began kissing and he got too busy to either kiss me or be my friend and then left. Which I was glad to see return, to realize it can be achieved even when he lives halfway across the country, and to further realize (like it seems to be with so many of my Friends Who Are Boys) that this level is where he and I live best, even if it is talking about his new girlfriend's expensive electronics.

So maybe it was the chat, but then I biked home, and this time it was a good ride .... I even found the perfect 7.53-mile route, for the first time, sans potholes. (Thank you, freshly-paved Somerville Ave!) Was so keyed up on return I sauteed a pan full of spinach with onions and garlic and paired it with glass of shiraz from the 2-week-open bottle on the counter. And danced around in my kitchen before eating it.

Then changed into my comfy pajamas. Then called in to have the third conversation this week with a new OKC friend, who I think I'll call Piano Man:  48; single (yes!);  consultant; plays Brahms intermezzi and Bach's French Suites to unwind; thinks I'm good-looking; likes to talk on the phone instead of IM; likes to talk to me.

I like talking with him, too and also think he's good looking. Of course, he does live in Brooklyn.

So at least he likes to talk on the phone. So nothing's perfect. But hey, it was a Monday. I'll take whatever I can get.
Day 28 of 31: 2.31 miles
March Total: 46.62
2011 Total:  149.68

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