Saturday, March 5, 2011

BBC 10: Ode to Storrow

Every so often,
when I'm
alone in my car
and when
there's no other traffic
headed eastbound
coming home from
Cambridge at midnight
Longwood after morning rush hour
Arlington at sunrise
(ah....Spy Pond),
I love Storrow Drive
so much.

Its undulations
first Harvard,
then diving under the
Western Ave Bridge
and the
River Street Bridge
and the
BU Bridge
and the
Harvard Bridge
(that crosses to MIT)
and past the
runners and runners and runners
on the bike paths
(at any hour)
and then
the S-curves
back and forth and
back and forth,
(that no one steps on their brakes for)
leading under the
to the
Leverett Circle
clusterf*** of cars
heading out of
Mass General
towards the freeway ...
always a cluster***

But of course
it's really the river basin
that always
reminds me
exactly what city I live in,
and the reflections
of the trees
or the full moon
never fail to
make me glad
I'm here.

The rare, traffic-less Storrow,
off the Dartmouth-Street crossing
after the Red Sox Duck Boat Victory Parade -
Nov. 2004
Day 6 of 31: 2.00 (this is wimpy. I admit it)
March Total: 6.55 (wimpy, too)
2011 Total: 109.61

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Anonymous said...

@Karin. Thanks. Enjoyed immensely.