Sunday, March 27, 2011

And .... just like that.

I've told y'all, right, that one of the highlights of my OKCupid profile is my admitting to loving the movie Tootsie more than life itself?

And do you remember that I got into a quick and (non-) dirty conversation back in November with a guy who said it was his favorite movie too -- and we decided we should watch it together?  Or go for coffee?  Or both?

And are you surprised that we never did?  I can't remember who stopped talking to who, or if we just turned each other off after the initial conversation.

And are you surprised that this morning at 9:37:
Biking Guy: Hey stranger! :)
Which I responded to about 7:30 this evening:
Karin: Stranger, indeed.
And the rest of the story:
BG: Let's get coffee!
K: Sure.  I'm in Davis for rehearsal quite a bit these days.
BG:  Awesome! :) When are you free Ms. Marathon runner?
K:  I'm up in the square Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings for 7-10 rehearsals. Something on either side of that?
BG:  1015 outside the XXX Tuesday....thanks again for reconsidering!
K:  Reconsidering? I don't think I ever didn't not consider. You rather disappeared.
BG:  Okay well good then! :)
And I'm not sure if it's Okay Well Good Then! that I didn't not consider or that he rather disappeared.

And I guess I just agreed to drink coffee at 10:15 on a Tuesday night.

Lord help me.
Day 21 of 31: 2 miles
Day 22 of 31: 1.5
Day 23 of 31: 2
Day 24 of 31: 1.8
Day 26 of 31:  5.93
March Total: 44.31
2011 Total: 147.37


Anonymous said...

Okay, okay. . .

So I tried the OKC (as you like to call it; but isn't that also what Oklahoma City goes by?) this weekend and did find it amusing. Didn't do much on my profile, but did answer a lot of questions! So far, so good. . .

cousin j said...

Russians have a saying, "Hope dies last." I suppose you could translate it to our version, the positive flip side, as "hope springs eternal" but something about the dying creates something of a resilience, perseverance, a thing that will not be beat down...

klk said...

Hey, there's always decaf! said...

or a cocktail...

Karin said...

Based on my perception of this gentleman's energy level, I'm a little afraid to put either alcohol or caffeine within his voluntary reach and my presence, simultaneously.