Saturday, November 6, 2010

Now how difficult was that?

Ah .... finally an OKC discussion about something other than genitals and legs .... like biking .... and my favorite movie ever.
Biking Guy:  I liked reading your profile a great deal! I think you're cute and I too shout swear words when riding my bike. Which is everyday. Hope you're have a good night! :)
Karin:  Hmm. Sounds like we could just be cute together and ride down the street in tandem, telling people to f*** off. You sound like a bit more of a biker than myself....which is sadly less than usual these days, thanks to my unrepaired flat tire.   Thanks for saying hi.
BG:  Perhaps we could simply be cute together. :) I could repair your flat tire and inflate your heart. How are you?
K:  Please tell me you use that entreaty on all the girls....
BG:  Unfort I don't - you want to get coffee sometime?
BG:  Also - I would consider getting locked in a room watching Tootsie for the rest of my life - Dustin Hoffman has a great story about filming that movie...
K:  Now you're talking. Maybe we could do that -- the get coffee, watch Tootsie get-together.
BG:  I agree! When are you free? :)
I might be in love.  And might have a date.  Or not.

Either way, stay tuned.

("You were a tomato!  A tomato doesn't have logic!")

Update, 8:27 PM:  I stand corrected.  

Bike Guy and I had an IM conversation a short while ago.  We had no sooner exchanged "heys" and started comparing our respective long workouts for the day -- 13 miles running for me, 24 miles biking for him -- when he joked that he would cure my aching knees with a sexual act.


Oh well.  Tootsie is still awesome. 

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