Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanks II (for Karaoke and PBR)

It has been something like 3 years since 
Joshua and I went to the Courtside for karaoke.

Fortuitous camera shutter malfunction.

There was a time, for a long time, 
when we used to go every week. 

That was before Joshua moved to New York 
and I started doing other things with my 
Thursday nights.

But Joshua is back in Boston.
My Thursday night was otherwise unoccupied.

Wilson Phillips' "Hold On",
specifically "you got yourself into your own mess..."

So we went, and 
Mark the Shark remembered my name.  
Mary Ellen still brought the beer. 
(I helped pour.)

Vintage cheap draft.

Joshua and I once again lustily belted back-up harmony 

We might be 3 years older,
but we can still put down 
2 pitchers of Pabst Blue Ribbon in 2 hours,
no sweat.

Savoring vintage cheap draft.

And even though Joshua doesn't look like Aaron Neville 
and I don't sound like Linda Ronstadt
the DJ let us end the night 
one more time with

Serious singers.

we stayed up very, very late.

Vintage, my friends.

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