Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Not one to bitch

about being employed and working in a nice office with a bunch of agreeable folks while doing interesting work,

but I confess

that doing those things on the 28th floor during Boston's Day 3 of foggy, rainy gustiness

and ending with a 4:28 p.m. sunset

has gotten me not wanting to

blog (which is probably OK, since I know y'all forgive the occasional lethargic writer)

or run  (which is probably not OK since I haven't run since Saturday)

or browse OKCupid! (which is probably OK, since I had a nice date on Sunday night and we seem to still be talking)

or sit on a folding chair in a church basement for 3 hours of council discussion (which is probably not OK, since 'tis better to be a cheerful giver of time and talent if you're going to give it)

or go home after the meeting and (finally) repair my bike's flat tire (which is probably OK since tomorrow is supposed to be cold, again, and gusty, again, and I'll probably wimp out anyway).

I am, however, in the mood to go to sleep. 

Right now. 

Must be November, eh?


Anonymous said...

@Karin. Yes. Same late-autumn blues here. No snow yet, thankfully, so I give thanks for the small things. Sleep well.


Karin said...


Thanks. I heard, BTW, that we might see the sun tomorrow, if only briefly. That's no small thing.