Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inertia (cat litter version)

As a once-organized and forward-moving person, I'm afraid I may have jumped the shark.

(If such a thing is possible.)

This morning was trash pick-up, so I was emptying and scrubbing down the cat litter box this morning, even though it probably needed it back on Monday.  After scrubbing my hands, I then swept several weeks of stray litter pellets and dust bunnies off my bedroom floor.

Like always, I bumped the broom against a white dressing screen folded in the corner, behind a coat rack covered in coats and hats.  The screen is a (gently used) present from my friends Peicha and Mark, who gave it to me in December of 2008 (in fact, during this dinner party) before moving to Philadelphia.  They were getting rid of it and thought it might, ironically, be something I could set-up to block the litter box from the rest of my bedroom.

But it is still folded in the corner. Behind a coat rack.

It is not just for the sake of this blog entry when I say that every time I sweep around that screen, I think of what Peicha and Mark have done the 22 months since leaving Boston.  Which is to a) buy an old house in Philly and renovate it from top to bottom; and b) start an independent speciality flower-shop.  I can't fathom the thousands of decisions made and steps taken to achieve both of those things ....

.... because in 22 months I still haven't figured out how to set up the white dressing screen in my bedroom.


Anonymous said...

@Karin. Well, you've been busy.


Peicha said...

what squigkato said.

hopefully your visit to philly, and seeing the house in real-time will help you realize we haven't done nearly as much as you think we have. ;)

at least when you finally do get sick of the litter box, you'll have a screen to use!