Thursday, November 11, 2010

What day was it?

I was going to have a gripe-for-no-reason day. 

Because I'm a bit tired.
Because the moment I got into work this morning I spilled a baggie full of raw oats on the carpet in front of my desk and, rather than roll my chair over them for the next 8 hours, had to gather each oat up by hand.

Because I'm waiting for all my Facebook Scrabble opponents to take next turns. Especially C-2, who may just be sulking these past 5 days because I'm up by 113 points.

Because I'm waiting for Sunday-night date to answer my invite (sent 2.5 days ago in response to his phone and e-mail messages about geting together this weekend) to see a Shakespeare play, which could be because he's busy working or just taking it easy or thinking my invite was lame ... and  my impatience wants to know which it is.

Noble reasons to gripe, all ... maybe on some other day. 

Like maybe not on Veterans Day.  Especially when I've got all these cool service members to be grateful for.

Choir buddy Dave:
US Army Reserves

Growing-up friend Carla:
US Marine, the Iraq War
Soon-to-be US Navy J.A.G.

Cousin Jeremiah:
US Army, the Iraq War

Grandpa Roy:
US Air Force, WWII


The Evster said...

Grampa Roy with the hat to the side!

Did he start the trend? I always thought it was C.C. Sabathia!

Karin said...

@the Evster

Indeed. CC learned it from him. Roy also was a pioneer in pairing the any color of Pendleton men's wool button down with turtleneck, as well wearing a Speedo after the age of 65. He was the man.

Anonymous said...

What kind of planes did your Grandpa fly?

Karin said...


Roy was an accountant, not a pilot, and worked for stateside office operations out of Denver for a couple years.