Friday, March 4, 2011

Needs work

I just came from the doctor.

(Follow-up for my physical in December. A follow-up because I was so tardy for the first appointment the nurse practitioner could only complete half the tests and requested a second appointment. Yes, it does take me 3 months to schedule follow-ups for appointments that require follow-ups because I was tardy.  Welcome to my life.)

I'm glad my NP is a listener and a recommender.  Based on our discussion today, she gave me five (count 'em) referrals for specialists:
1) Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist -- for periodic, chronic tinnitus.

2) Dermatologist -- for the whatever-you-call-it on my collarbone that flares red when my sports bra chafes it.

3) Sleep Study -- to rule out apnea as a source of my fatigue.
4) Nutritionist -- to discuss my recent weight gain and if it has to do with eating the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. (Search this blog for peanut butter, Reeses Pieces, cereal, conversation hearts, attempts and failures to curb gratuitous consumption despite wanting to .... )

5) The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine  -- for a consultation,  again regarding the weight gain and insomnia, to see if I want to get involved in a program that "reduces the impact of stress through a variety of research driven skill-buildling exercises to improve medical symptoms, mood and well-being" and whose 6 core components include "relaxation response, social support, physical activity, nutrition, recuperative sleep and cognitive restructuring to increase positive emotions and behaviors."
Leaving, I commented to the NP that I'd be doing nothing but going to doctors over the next couple months (while silently thanking my employer for affordable, comprehensive health insurance that covers almost all of it). 

She replied that sometimes it is beneficial to health just to get one's mind off all the things they're convinced are wrong with them ...

Amen to that.  Now only if she could cure procrastination. 
Day 3 of 31: 2.05
March Total: 4.55
2011 Total: 107.61

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