Monday, January 31, 2011

New friends

Thirty-seven is
too old
to participate in an
pub crawl.

at least 5 hours
of the one I hit up
with its hundreds of
20- and 30-somethings
wearing t-shirts from
Iowa, Michigan,
Penn State, Illinois,
Minnesota (hooray!),
the friendliest folks
you'd ever meet.

(All alums,
but not ribbing me
for not being
an alum.)

Folks who would be
that friendly anyway,
even if not
filled to the brim with
trash talk
Bud Lite.

After this
august occasion
gut rot aside),
I told my friend L
how much fun I'm having
becoming better friends
with her,
and actual friends
with her Michigan crew,
uniformly friendlier than
they have to be.

And that it's
no knock on my
old friends.

new friends
good for the soul.

Day 30 of 31:  3.15 miles
Day 31 of 31: 2.2 miles
January Total:  50.01

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

@Karin. Thirty-seven is never too old for most things, especially meeting new people. Hope you enjoyed it.