Monday, January 10, 2011

Further kick

In 11 days, I'm playing the piano for a gala fundraiser (shameless plug) benefitting The Longwood Players.

Earlier today I received an e-mail from the show's producer, reminding me and the other performers that "attire for the show is very upscale - gowns or very upscale cocktail attire for women and tuxes or suits for men."

(Perfect reminder, what with feeling dry-skinned and bloated and limp-haired and without-spending-cash, with a closet that would delight the hosts of What Not To Wear...)

A relief, then, to remember that I still own this sassy thing .... circa 2004, yes, but still sassy.

I know that I want to fit smoothly into and have buff shoulders and triceps on top of this dress when I wear it on stage in front of 200 people next Saturday.

Which is a further kick to keep f***ing (off) my funk, because I see 11 days of running, sit-ups, vegetables and sleep in any future that includes me and pink roses and spaghetti straps in January

Day 10 of 31: 4.16
January Total: 20.40

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