Sunday, January 9, 2011

Va-cay (staying awesome)

I can't say I'm entirely pleased to be back in town after 6 days off the grid.

(Work, auditions, and a half-assed running goal await.)

Although I am at least a few steps out of my December funk that had bridged the new year.

QT with my nephews played at least a small part in the rebound.

Oliver (5 weeks) & Henry (27 mos)

I think it's because at this point in our relationship, they still think I'm pretty awesome. Of course.  They have little evidence to the contrary.

Not wanting to provide them that contrary evidence should be all the incentive I need to just buck up.

Go, January!

Day 7 of 31:  2.31
Day 8 of 31: 0.00
Day 9 of 31: 0.00
January Total: 16.24

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Anonymous said...

@Karin. Such handsome nephews. Congrats again to your sister.