Friday, January 28, 2011


I was all prepared to make a post about how old I felt because someone reminded me this morning that it's  been 25 years since the space shuttle blew up.

(FYI, when something formative happens when you're  in 7th grade, you don't refer to it as the "The Challenger Disaster."   You remember walking through the halls between classes asking any other kid you saw if she had heard that the space shuttle blew up and how awful and sad it was but how cool it looked when .... )

Then I went to the intersection of Dorchester Street and Broadway to stand inside a bus shelter with one slender dug-out lane through the boulevard snowpile to get to the street and, ostensibly, the #9 bus when it arrived.

Then when the bus pulled around the corner, I climbed up and into that icy lane with trepidation due to my irresponsible black leather knee boots.

At that moment, a young man in wool coat swiftly appeared on the street below, offering his leather-gloved hand to assist my descent.  Which I took.  After which he stepped back and allowed me to get on the bus first.

I know unforced chivalry isn't (quite) as monumental in the grand scheme of things.

But it was equally unexpected.
Day 27 of 31: 3.25 miles
January Total: 42.36


Anonymous said...

@Karin. Not all of us are barbarians.


Anonymous said...

Did you get his phone number? Did you thank him with an offer for a drink? Did you give him your email address? Did you strike up a conversation with him? See - fate presented you with a nice guy and...