Monday, January 3, 2011

Just do something.

I've had more stellar beginnings to new years than this one.

Including 2002 ... the 3 apple martinis and a double-shot of Jägermeister in under an hour, followed by 3 hours of bringing it all back up on the dance floor of Club Cafe, followed by 2-day hangover.

That felt stupid but temporary. 

This weekend felt markedly less stellar from a general state of wellness.  A low point after a long, slow descent.  Funk with a capital F. 

Brought on in some ways by waking up January 1 with a toothache, facial scab, chapped lips and no voice.  Reminded that the guy I've tried to date the last 2 months just wants a glorified booty call every couple weeks.  That the apartment still smells like cat litter, even though it was just changed.  That after successful marathon execution on November 21, I've not found the energy to run anywhere near 26.2 miles in the last 6 weeks. That I've eaten little other than sharp cheddar, diet orange soda and Christmas cookies in those 6 weeks.  And my favorite jeans ripped down the thigh yesterday.

Time to buck up, campers.  Time to put the brakes on the downward slide.

A daily run, I think, for the next month. Minimum.  Two-mile minimum.  Out of doors.  No exceptions for blizzards and sub-zero temps. No exceptions for chapped lips and toothaches and 40-something men being selfish.

No exceptions for despair over ripped denim.

Day 2 of 31: 4.27
January total: 6.89


Yoav said...

It will get better ;) We had a nice warm weekend, the Pats are doing well. Things will get better ;)

Anonymous said...

@Karin. Take it from a 40-something male: men are idiots. You'll endure, as Faulkner predicted.


Tashia said...

hmmm, toothaches and sickness and blizzards MAY be reason to abort said run. and it is ridiculously cold in MN these days so if you aren't feeling well, the road is really slippery, the weather is near zero, and you have two cute nephews to cuddle in the next week I think you take a raincheck!

Karin said...

Oh, but Tashia, that would be an exception! My nephews take naps, during which I will skitter through the sub-zero. It'll be lung-clearing, I'm sure.

Jeremy said...


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