Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow go

My top 5 favorite things re: January Snowpocalypse 3:

5) Not needing a car to get where I'm going, 'cause the #9 bus never doesn't run (even though, during rush hour, there is no slower way to get where I'm going).

4) Opportunity to be late to work and still be the first person in (and to furthermore not raise the ire of my coworkers and managers who live in bigger houses than me in quieter neighborhoods than me, none of whom are in because they're still shoveling driveways).

3) The (rare) opportunity to be glad that I don't own property (that needs to be shoveled).

2) The (even rarer) opportunity to tell everyone I meet I grew up in North Dakota and they're all being wimpy.

1) The (new) snow (that fell on the mammoth piles of slush) is pretty and the sky (only recently cleared) is blue and that is (so incredibly) much nicer than (our typical) winter grey.

St. Botolph Street, Back Bay -
from (Joseph Liao)
Day 26 of 31: 2 miles
January Total:  39.11

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Anonymous said...

@Karin. A nice list. I sometimes try to shame people who complain about the snow into realizing that this is New England. Snow falls.