Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Glitter and be gay? Sure!

I had a post all queued up this morning about quite enjoying the OKC instant message request I got last night, after which I wanted to know in which universe it is acceptable for a 42-year-old to follow up "Hello how are you tonight?" with "I know you are looking for a lay" with "your, loss baby," and then have the audacity to state on his profile that he would be my man if I "like to laugh, are looking for a caring and fun guy, and like good conversation."

Then I got on the belly-to-butt #9 with 400 other able-bodied young commuters who also refuse to exert themselves,  merrily watching the beginnings of the "Fluffy snow falling throughout eastern Massachusetts .... marking the start of the double-barreled storm system that will punish the area until Wednesday night."

And I tried not to remember I have a flight out of Logan in exactly 56 hours, bound for Fort Myers, FL (at this 68 degrees and sunny skies, high of 80 later today) that connects through Cleveland, that cannot be cancelled or delayed.

Can not, I say.

Even though it very well might.

And then I decided that, you know, I have a shoveled-out parking spot already and I get to wear jeans to the office the next 2 days, and even though Bernstein's Candide has zero relation to Boston or endless winters or potentially abortive attempts to fly out of New England for a respite from said endlessness, it is the very appropriate day to watch Kristin Chenoweth frouf around in a pink dress and belt, no matter how satirically and ironically, and remind me (at 3:13, among other places) that ....

.... perhaps it is ignoble to complain...
Enough, enough
Of being basely tearful!
I'll show my noble stuff
By being bright and cheerful!
Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha!

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