Friday, February 18, 2011

Never hurts to ask

I was glad
Random Blog Reader
with her suggestion on
Central Bottle's

What fun, for $14.
(And in Cambridge, too.)

RBR and I
got caught up on each other's lives
after long absence
and tried

we went down Mass Ave
to find
Miracle of Science
to full to sit down,
but the night was warm
so we walked further to
home of the shaggy, friendly bartenders
(we discovered)
and had
empanadas and black olive paste with labenah
and beer.

Refreshing a dormant friendship.
New places to hang.
Weather that melts snow.

A good Thursday night.
Day 16 of 28: 3.35 miles
Day 17 of 28: 2.15 miles
February Total: 33.65
2011 Total: 83.66

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