Saturday, February 5, 2011

Good poem (sung)


The evening hangs beneath the moon
A silver thread on darkened dune
With closing eyes and resting head
I know that sleep is coming soon

Upon my pillow, safe in bed,
A thousand pictures fill my head,
I cannot sleep, my minds aflight,
And yet my limbs seem made of lead

If there are noises in the night,
A frightening shadow, flickering light…
Then I surrender unto sleep,
Where clouds of dream give second sight.

What dreams may come, both dark and deep
Of flying wings and soaring leap
As I surrender unto sleep
As I surrender unto sleep.

-- Charles Anthony Silvestri

Day 4 of 28:  4.65 miles
February Total:  8.4
2011 Total: 58.41


Anonymous said...

@Karin. Thanks for both.


klk said...

Amazing. Thanks for the share.