Monday, February 7, 2011

Numbers (and why they inspire hope)

Left 80 sunburning degrees behind in Florida this afternoon .... but Boston is at 40 tonight and my parka is too warm to wear walking home from the airport bus. Which isn't that awful.

After 1825.23 inches of snow (and 14,358.35 decibels of tough-ass Bostonians whining about it), the 40 degrees means that all the snow that was covering my car last Thursday is g-o-n-e baby gone without me lifting 1 shovel-ounce.  Which means I survived another blizzard week without losing a limb to the Great Southie Space-Saver Wars.

(Of course, 5 more inches of snow are supposed to come tomorrow. Which is typical.)

Packers 31, Steelers 25.

Today is my dad's 69th birthday.  Which is cool.

E-mail from Joshua tonight:  116 days until his wedding on Lake Sunapee, and he's encouraging hotel reservations sooner than later.  Which means I have only 115 days to find a date to split costs. Which based on my track record with finding and retaining dates for weddings means I should start finding one tomorrow.

After 88 nights of auditions in December in January, the musical I play for that goes up in May is cast .... and rehearsals don't begin until February 21.  Which means I've got 14 evenings free before 3.5 months of chaotic but gratifying servitude to The Secret Garden.  Which could equate to the opportunity for 6 restorative yoga classes and for 2 dozen nights go to bed before midnight so that when rehearsals start the chaos isn't so chaotic.

(Which might be a total pipe dream.)

Which will be easier to do since I have 0 outstanding correspondences on OKCupid and 0 folks sending me IM messages late in the night on any regular basis and 0 dates anywhere in my vision, peripheral or straight-on.  Which is OK.  Really.  I think the break is/has been/will be good.

And I found time to run all 4 days (for 14.7 miles) of my Florida vacation which is 5 of 7 days so far this month.  Which I'll take as a good sign.

Day 6 of 28: 2.90 miles
Day 7 of 28: 4.00
February Total: 18.45
2011 Total: 68.46


Evan said...

18 degrees in Illadelph and there are currently some Mexican dudes up on my neighbor's roof trying to shovel snow and ice off so that they can do some work.

I'm expecting to see one of them flying by my window in no time. Be thankful for those 40 degrees.

Karin said...

@Evan. The 40 degrees lasted about as long as it took me to type this sentence. We've joined you in below-zero land up here for the rest of the week.

I'm highly resisting the urge to hibernate.