Friday, February 25, 2011

Pick-up Line (new favorite)

"Would you possibly be interested in a very hot, pleasing tushy massage?"
Seriously.  Twenty-two, college graduate and "tushy."  I'm trying to decide what it is about this question that amuses me.  Word choice?  Preference for a** above all else, especially that of a woman in her late 30s? 

(From now on, every post about an OKCupid pick-up must include the rubber-stamp disclaimer: "I Thought I'd Heard and Seen Everything .... Until ....")
"You and I seem to have some strong similarities. I really enjoy playing the piano, and have composed roughly ten hours of music. I also really enjoy running, and was one of the fastest runners in Massachusetts when I was in high school. What's your mile/five mile time?"
Hm.  So I dig into his profile and see that he's also an engineer, a lover of "deep music that brings out the emotions in you", a political moderate who likes people "who are amusingly weird yet down to earth when it counts."

Still.  Twenty-two. Whose first comment to me was about my rear end.  But, also:
"I don't like it when people view my profile after I send them a message, but completely ignore me afterward. It says a lot about their personality...

Update 1:20 p.m.:  Not wanting to know what ignoring him says about my personality, I wrote to tell him he was sweet for writing but that he was a fair amount younger than me. To which he immediately replied:

"I think age is just a number, and numbers are only important when you're running."
Day 25 of 28: 3.00 miles 
February Total: 48.46
2011 Total: 98.46 


Anonymous said...

Type Geek had a scrumptious tush. I used to call it tushy all the time. Ass sounded so... vulgar. I wanted to bite his tush and play with it like you want to play with babies or puppies. Tush is a more affectionate and non sexualized reference to that body part.

Sigh, now I am think of Type Geek's tush. I miss it. Perfect little tush.

Student Driver

Karin said...

@student driver.

Yeah, this guy had that adorableness about him for a few exchanges. Then he started devolving into his fetish for a sexual activity that - while I still say to each his own - actually made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. The whole tush discussion felt antique by that time.

I hope you are not missing TG's tush while in NY, sowing oats. Sow, sow, sow.