Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heading south

My aunt and uncle spend their winters near Fort Myers, Florida..

Every other year I go down to visit them for a long weekend.

Fort Myers, March 2009 --
Twins spring training with bro-in-law Bill

On off-years, by the time March comes with the rain and slush and late Nor'easters, I'm self-flagellating for being so short-sighted as to not schedule a trip.

Not this year.  Not only is 2011 not an off-year, but in 2011 Fort Myers comes super-early to my schedule.

Like, today. 

Like, the most unintended perfectly scheduled day:  just after 2 blizzards and just before a 3rd. 

Just the day after thousands of flights nationwide were cancelled, but my Delta connection through Cincinatti tonight still seems to still be on, and be on time.

Just at the point where I am exhausted with my wet boots and parka and being at work reading Facebook status updates from friends sitting at home on their couches griping about no-work snow days.

Oh Florida and your 82-degree highs and sunny skies ...

..... mwah!

1 comment:

AJ said...

Mwah indeed. As I learn the previously unknown art of 'roof-raking' and the family recovers from stomach flu (a Boston February tradition). Enjoy the sun. Extra. For me.