Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Much to learn

For some time this summer, I klatched with a guy known as Mr. Reach the Beach Relay ... so named because he used the race as part of his pick-up line on OKCupid.

You haven't heard of him for awhile .... mostly because I haven't heard from him in awhile.  We did talk regularly, at first, and it was decent, and I said we should meet for a drink, and he agreed that sounded good. Then we went a bunch of days without talking .... before he hit me up randomly late one night to chat.  After which I again suggested we go out for a drink to meet each other, and he agreed that sounded good.  Then we went a bunch of days without talking ... before he hit me up randomly late one night.

Etc., etc.  This sort of thing tends to trail off, and did.

Last Saturday at about 3:15 a.m., Mr. RTB Relay finally appeared in the flesh. At Reach the Beach Relay.  At the Robbie Mills Sports Complex in Laconia, NH.  I had just come off 7.32 miles of uphill running in the dark, complete with sweaty headlamp on forehead, and he walked out of the crowd and introduced himself.  

Strike me dead (and surprised).  Not required to seek me out at this point.  And did.

I wrote him Monday when back and fully operational, thanking him and asking how his race went.  Despite being ostensibly present on Gmail most of the last 2 days, he's not responded.  While I'm quite beyond expecting anything from him .... grrr. 


I wrote Bill this afternoon to get his opinion on the matter.
Karin:  I know it isn’t worth it to get frustrated about. But men suck sometimes.
Bill:   Yeah, I really can’t defend that behavior. You should have kicked him in the nuts and been done with it.
K:  True.  Why is that always required?  Why do men need to be kicked in the nuts to get the message?
B:  Because that’s what we think with.    Duh…
K:  You think you’d rather have other things done to them than be kicked, then. And wouldn’t act like that.
B:  Yeah, you’d think that but you’d be wrong.
K:  I seem to have much to learn.
B:  We all do, we all do.

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