Monday, September 20, 2010

Deep Thought: Staples rule

So today I was in the company copy room about 4:30, a quiet time in the copy room, doing a downward-facing dog while waiting for a gratuitous fax to complete transmission to Schwab and, as my calf muscles sank back and relaxed, I found that at that angle, the first thing I see are my scuffed knees (refusing to heal from a year's ago trip-off-the-curb) and then my charcoal (polyester) skirt (c. 2003) from The Limited, hem held together with staples (most likely via the stapler from my desk a couple years ago), and I am reminded that when otherwise on a budget in an industry where clothes must reflect commitment to good taste and presentation, duct tape isn't the only office supply able to fix anything .... or if not exactly fix, present at least a convincing façade of togetherness.

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squigkato said...

@Karin. Well, staples held together my surgical incision after my appendectomy, so why not a skirt? Cool.