Monday, September 6, 2010

Long Run #7: Did it

I'm going to venture that perhaps no one but me noticed, thusfar, Week 7's lack of chronicled Saturday run.

(If you did, you're free to sign on as an unpaid coach ....)

Nonetheless, not trying to shirk.  It was done.  I did it.  Done it.  Kicked its 16.63-mile butt with a bunch of sub-9:30 miles.

Refuelled via a frappuccino immediately after, followed by a pre-made egg salad sandwich from the same joint on Memorial Drive in Cambridge.

Late lunch of champions.
Not exactly my original plan, which was to patronize the venerable Brookline Lunch in Central Square.  Which did not get patronized because I

a)  slept the morning away until 11 a.m. and
b)  know that brunch at 4:28 p.m. when the diner closes at 5 is tacky and,

in addition,

c) forgot that all Cambridge city parking meters have 2-hour limits and
d) remembered that the Trader Joe's complex on Mem Drive has a (gasp) parking lot and
e) Starbucks is next door to Trader Joes and
f) espresso and Gatorade do indeed mix and
g) what a fine vantage from which to watch all the other river runners still slogging away.


Done run was decent, also. Shoes that held their shape for one last week.  Charles Watershed parkland  unceasing.  Sun that heated and wind that chilled. Well-timed water fountain at the Newton Yacht Club. (Yes. Only in Newton.)  Complete score to Godspell, on a memory loop, to keep me sufficiently distracted from checking my watch more than once per bridge ... which I did not.

O Bless the Lord My Soul, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

K - I noticed only b/c I passed you while biking along the Charles near Harvard. Kinda a celebrity sighting (for me anyway)! Good job.