Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long Run #9: RTB Relay, aftermath

I've tried to explain RTB Relay and its idiosyncrasies to folks who haven't run it .... and when I do, their eyes glaze over.  My own eyes glaze over.  In part because, well .... you just have to be there.  In part, because the experience both exhilarates and kicks the fatiguing shit out of me.

So I'll dispense with description.  Here are the stats from New Hampshire, to prove I compiled a Long Run's-worth (21.54) of mileage:

Friday, September 17:
Leg 6:  Crawford Notch Rd, White Mt National Forest (4 p.m.) --  8.62 miles in 71 minutes (8.15-min/mile)

Saturday, September 18:
Leg 17:  Meredith to Laconia (2 a.m.) --   7.39 miles in 65 minutes (8.48-min/mile)
Leg 28:  Chester to Sandown (11:30 a.m.) --  5.55 miles in 46 minutes.(8.18-min/mile)

To pre-emptively answer questions you would no doubt ask if given the chance:
1)  Yes, the Leg 6 sundown view coming out of the White Mountains, heading towards Conway and the Maine border, was spectacular and should be experienced by all, even non-runners.

2)  Yes, Leg 17's pace was the slowest because it was 85-percent uphill and made possible only by obscene amounts of caffeine.  And yes, I slept pretty hard after it.

3)  No, actually, my own legs felt pretty stellar by Leg 28 and I kicked some ass. In fact, I passed 8 runners and sprinted hard to the hand-off.  Was so jacked up by feeling so good so late in the game and what that means for my overall marathon fitness... did not sleep after it; rather, ate a banana and rolled down the van window as we cruised on.

4) Yes, there were a number of hot men on my squad.  Yes, 8 of 10 are married.  Yes, I became best buddies with one of the 2 single guys and flirted really hard (as he flirted back), even knowing he has a serious girlfriend and is moving to Denver this weekend.  C'est la vie.
Meanwhile, in the 4 days since my return I inherited a head cold and insomnia and some genuine crises at work, and am trying refind the legs I had on Leg 28.

General condition:  shredded.  Exhausted. 

This morning before work I was watering my basil plant.  The same one that a month ago, while in full-flower, tipped over in a storm and lay wounded on the patio for 3 days, 98% dead before I had mercy and re-potted the corpse. 

And damn, if it hasn't come back.  Enough, I think, for at least 2 recipes-worth of seasoning.

"Rejuvenated basil" is a good metaphor for how I hope to feel sooner than later.

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