Friday, September 10, 2010

Missing it

Just sitting here, eating a reheated bowl of penne pasta at my desk, updating tabs in the company CRM as to who gets directed brokerage designation or not, and while there are of course many reasons it can be desirable to be in love or be with someone, I'm thinking about how, at this moment anyway, the thing I miss most about not dating someone seriously or even just dating someone intermittently, is that I miss having someone who I really want to kiss. 

And then even more, I miss the act of kissing him.

Whoever him may be.


Anonymous said...

@Karin. Possibly your most profound post. Thanks.

---squigkato said...

The kissing is great, isn't it?

No luck on the dating sites as of late my dear? I pulled myself off the sites for awhile. I burnt out juggling all the boys... it's too complicated.

-Student Driver

Karin said...

@Student Driver ...

... my latest luck is that a guy from SF who I went out with once (here in town for his sister's wedding, turned out) showed up on Saturday night, wanting to chat. I did not want to, and said I was heading to bed. To which he replied: "are you sure? just really feel like kissing someone right now, thought maybe talking to someone would help."

I almost asked him if he reads this blog.

Otherwise .... eh, I'm in modified time-out from OKC. It just more aggravates me than anything else. :-) Some days are just that way. said...

I could so have a virtual drink with you to toast that! Yeah, it's funny, I pulled off my looking for long.short/blah blah dating parts and said I am only looking for friends and pen pals. I just can't be bothered. Now, if only Type Geek would pull his head out of his arse and truly realize how fucking incredible I am and how fucking lucky he is to have me... sweet jesus! Men are dim.

Oh, you still doing that dating meet up with those other ladies? How is that?!