Thursday, September 9, 2010

Domestic Goddess (2)

It's ever so disheartening,
for the second night in a row,
to destroy my kitchen counter
with baking mess
and use up $20 worth of groceries
(plus the cost of the $11 springform pan)
to end up with

No. Cheesecake. Again.

Especially after the indignity
of buying the $4.98 can of Easy-Off
and scrubbing for 40 minutes
to remove the scalded butter
from the oven floor
that had kindly set off
my carbon monoxide detector
and both smoke alarms
last night at 11:15.

Last night.

Last night
it was just the crust,
which I salvaged,
covered in plastic wrap
and sent to the fridge
to wait until tonight.


Tonight though, it was
the cream cheese, eggs, sugar and lime
that I blended smooth
and poured onto said crust
and put into the non-fuming oven .....
for 5 whole minutes .....
at which point
the alarms again
went crazy.

This time at 12:35 a.m.

It was only at this moment
I (think I) figured out
that the new $11 springform pan
is leaking crust butter
and scalding on contact.

But how can I clean the oven again,
(rubber gloves, chemicals,
hands & knees, oh my)
then put the offending springform and lime batter
inside a cake pan
so it doesn't leak
and reheat it for an hour
so it turns out to be something
after all this something
I've tried so very hard to do
but can't quite manage to do
and think the something
is going to turn out?

And if I do that,
when will I sleep?

And what if I'm thinking wrong?
What if the oven is
just f***ed up?

What if the sirens
again go off,
this time at 2:38?

I'm thinking,

Trash (cake).
Beer (in hand).
Bath (with book).
Bed (with pleasure).



Anonymous said...

@Karin. Sometimes, one simply must punt, then start anew. After a beer, of course.


Random Blog Reader said...

Cheapo springform pans are notorious for leaking; I always wrap the bottom of mine with foil to catch the drips.