Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunny day (II)

For inquiring minds:

1) We (3) ran 7 miles along the South Boston waterfront, around UMass and the JFK Library. Quickly. He wants to run the Los Angeles Marathon this weekend in under 3 hours and 20 minutes. And it certainly felt like we were doing sub-8 miles. Although I know he held back his pace to be nice.

2) Later in the evening, we hung out at a pub with some more of his running friends and talked about running. Exclusively about running. 

3) Except ... for a brief foray into political interests.  He worked once with Joe Biden's campaign, so we talked about Joe Biden. I had to spend a couple hours between our run and our drink at Mike McGee's campaign meeting .... so we talked about Mike, too. He thinks Mike would win the election hands-down if he became (wait for it) a runner ....and conducted "running debates" in which the winner would be the one who could be most articulate while short-of-breath.

4) So we dutched on the beers and nosh and shook hands to part.  I thanked him for the invite. He promised to let me know how the race went. We agreed to touch base next week after his return from the other coast.

5) And that was that.  It was, indeed, a nice evening.

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Mrs. Hansen said...

i love the thought of "running debates". would definitely lose if i tried to partake in one anytime in the near future. your posts make me miss running dearly, and are almost enough motivation for me to start again despite a bum knee. we shall see! glad to hear it was such a nice evening.