Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Shout-Out: Big Sis

Growing up, being the middle child of 3 kinda sucked.

Kristin, 2 years older than me, was the responsible, serious, indecisive one with the best hair who hated eating breakfast. Missy, 2 years younger, was bossy, driven, fun-loving, and had the most boyfriends. I was the shortest, the sneakiest, the most gullible and (taking after my father), absolutely hated fighting and refused to take sides when it happened.

It is not always in a child's best interest to be a mediator between warring factions. I was often the victim of an accusatory "you never take MY side!", complete with hair-pulling, kicking, and silent treatment.

(Which of course, when faced with it, then often gave back. Can you imagine these sweet faces trying out swear words for the first time, at each other? Those pigtails being yanked?)

Missy (2), Kristin (6), Karin (4) - Cando, ND, c. 1977.

In any case, we 3 girls survived. Thirty-some years after this picture ... we generally like each other, we generally get along, we still gather around the piano at Christmas to sing "Sunshine & Snowflakes", we remember each other's birthdays.

I'm happy to report that Kristin is still 2 years older. Today is her genuine 39th birthday. She is happily married and living in suburban Minneapolis, working at a law firm and singing in church choir. She still has great hair. She's still (sometimes!) responsible and she still hates eating breakfast. She's also loyal and caring; last Monday, she made her Facebook status:

"Happy Birthday to my amazing sister Karin today! Love ya!!"

Happy Birthday to my amazing sister Kristin today! Love ya!!

Kristin (38) & Karin (36) -- Fort Myers, FL, March 2009

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