Monday, March 15, 2010

Dateline 03/14/10: South Boston

12:58 pm, corner of Broadway and Dot Ave, with the well-prepared musket man and his compatriots (and yes, he did indeed make a bad joke about the capabilities of his musket, as you might expect), before the parade, before I could have possibly realized that 2 hours later I would be standing in my bathtub wringing 2 full gallons of water out of all of those layers of "waterproof" clothes (including the "waterproof" boots).

Some stinkin' storm.

Update - 6:52 pm:  So I was just chatting with my father about my weekend. He thought my colonial drum-and-fife buddy above was the candidate I was marching in the parade for.  Which means I should be a good campaign volunteer and clarify that Mike McGee (below) is the man running for Fourth Suffolk District State Rep. That he sprinted flat out for 3 hours shaking hands in his garbage-bag-over-wool coat outfit through a serious Nor'easter (see the waves blowing through the puddles behind us) means he deserves a bit more love from me -- even if it means you have to see 2 photos of  that awful poncho.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your photo of the parade and rainstorm. It looks like fun. Bob