Monday, March 29, 2010

Restless, again

Don't know what it is. 

Can't concentrate today.

Maybe because my primary diet staple this weekend was raw peanut butter cookie dough and sugar and fat has glommed up my neurons.

Maybe because a glorious, live, Bach's St. John Passion kept me up in Harvard Square until after 11:30 last night, and I still haven't figured out how to stay up too late on a Sunday and not regret it.

Which, speaking of, maybe it was waking up to a slate-colored sky on a Monday morning and, when snoozing-on to WBUR, have the first thing I hear be:"Heavy rain tonight. Heavy rain tomorrow. Heavy rain on Wednesday.  Maybe sun on Thursday."

Maybe, because on OKC this morning, this guy showed up again.  Then not just 1, but 2 additional correspondents of yore popped up to chat in "remember me?" fashion, for a total of 3 interested guys who didn't follow through the first time who now, again, either situationally or hormonally, are re-interested, all of which prompted this appropo exchange with one of my favorite FWABs:
Justin: HUH?!?!
Karin: Yeah.  This whole theory of unavailibility breeding interest is really proving itself over and over.  ;-)   Guys are so much more predictable than they think they are.
Justin: Guys are 132% more predictable than women.
Maybe it's just 4th-and-long during tax season and it's Holy Week and it's grey and windy and the men in my orbit continue to be even more indecisive than myself.

None of which surprises me.

What does surprise me is that, knowing all of this, I'm still back to feeling restless, again.

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