Monday, March 22, 2010

..........Dateline 3/22/10: Thirty-seven..................

(Prudential Center),
2:45 pm,
featuring the Key Lime
(with caramel-flavored writing),
courtesy of Claudia
(who also gets the photo credit).

I am not entertaining any
smart-ass comments
about how
last year
and how
this year
known to woman.

It is the way to go
a birthday must fall 
on a
rainy, foggy Monday.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday! I'll be joining you in 37dom in a few months.

Karin said...

Thanks Jen. So far it isn't a bad place to live.

veggiegal said...

Happy birthday Karin!!! 37 ended up being a REALLY good year for me, a fantastic one in fact. I wish to you to that it be the best year of your life so far :)