Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Jethro Tull serenade...

1:40 a.m. and it's been one of those nights.....a Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee in the late afternoon (why? she asks) is the reason this girl is camped out on the patio with laptop and frozen yogurt at this moment. It's mostly black sky with a little city glow, although the lights of the South Boston waterfront are visible through the tree....and Jethro Tull was making music at the Bank of America Pavillion a few hours ago.

This is a good location.

A positive to this excess of energy is that I've now finished most of the cleaning required in case the CFO has any reason to see the inside of my apartment on Wednesday. (Mostly deleting cat hair and stray litter from any number of surfaces....) Yup, that Wednesday is just an evening away. We're deciding on either the South End or Southie "hotspots" (his phrase) for drinks.... I'm agitating for B&G Oysters....which means any nightcap would involve seeing the contents of not his refrigerator, but mine. Which is why some old black beans and curdled milk were also culled this evening.

Tell I haven't had company in awhile?

There is something satisfactory, on occasion, about not having roommates or companions when insomnia is near. (Except the cats.....under the bed at the moment....hiding from the broom....) No one wondering when I'm coming to bed, or to gripe that I'm running laps out to the deck and slamming the screen door by the dozens. Or eating the last of the Ben & Jerry's from the carton.

More satisfactory, though, is that my e-mail inbox contains an ambitious message (ambitious in its effort, that is) from a match.com subscriber....which will most likely get answered in the morning with some more clarity than this post surely holds.

And even more so....the knowledge that Wednesday's date will be the second of this week..... Yes, you read it here. Second! Withholding details until there is more reason to write....but Sunday night was a blind date with a friend of a friend of a friend. Beer in the Back Bay, for several hours. And a decent time, devoid of drama.

Girl is on a roll!

(And you can tell girl is on a roll when she is unfettered enough to go nuts with the ellipses and parantheses....)

Now, if she could just get to sleep....

Maybe if Jethro tuned up the flute again...


Tashia said...

"happy, and I'm smiling" to read your blog this morning Karin. couldn't resist. I love Tull and his lyrics popped into my head :)

excited to read the blog version of date #1 of this week (if it makes it to blogging point).

Anonymous said...

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