Thursday, October 20, 2011

T-minus Ten Thursday

October 30:  Marathon #8.

Gotta admit:  I'm pretty pumped.  Grateful I can be pumped because I took my vitamins, (knock on wood) have no injuries, went to yoga every week, (knock on wood again) feel strong, and after running (as of today) 486.5 miles since training officially began and just under 800 miles since the beginning of the year, have only 26 more to tick off, total, before running 26.2 a couple Sundays from now. 

(Yeah:  I am ready for a new pair of Asics Landreths before the race. Yeah: that is another $100 for a pair of shoes.  Yeah:  Patience Judgment Family Friends Health!)

Also:  excited to get back to DC after almost 2 years, to stay with Michael and see my long-ago roommate Ryan and chow pasta with Alan.  Head past the monuments.  The Potomac.  Arlington National Cemetery. 

More excited, sincerely:  that the the only major hills come at Miles 2 and 7 instead of 17. 

(Yeah:  Boston, I'm talking about you....)

Although:  DC, it's you I'm talking about between now and October 30. 

Bring it on!


Anonymous said...

You should also know that you finish running straight uphill for the last .1 if not .2. No one warned me and I was furious when ambushed.

Karin said...

@anonymous. I did see that on the race profile. I think I am/was trying to block it out. :-)