Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday afternoon quickie

I'm at my friend Michael's place, in NW DC, on the couch with a wool blanket and a space heater at arm's reach.

Here's what says is going on in the city at this hour:

37°F | °CSatSunMonTue
Rain and SnowSunnyPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy
Showers Snow
Wind: N at 17 mph
Humidity: 86%38°34°47°35°53°41°55°40°

It took me 3 hours to get here from BWI ... luggage delay, freeway bus, Metro ride, mile walk ... double the time it took me to get from BOS to BWI, although this leg did include a stop at Target for peanut butter, bananas, umbrella and fuzzy winter hat (see above).

In a half-hour I need to be leaving here, down to the DC Armory, to pick up my race bib and packet and then meet Alan for supper.  My options of what do to before then would be:
1) Two-mile "shake-out" run.
2) Thoughtful blog post outlining fear/excitement/relief that wind and rain should abate and the sun is expected to shine at 8 a.m. tomorrow.
3) Sit here, awake, and be fearful/excited/relieved.
4) Put my head back and take a power nap and promise to give y'all a marathon completion update at some future moment when the time is right.
I think I'll take what's behind Door #4, Monty!