Monday, October 31, 2011

Sorry to be lame....

....but after running a marathon,
even though it was a great marathon,
I only have a lame marathon recap in me.  

To wit:

Strength at the start.
(And yeah, I'm not punching 
that dude for his sour expression.)

Gratitude at the finish.
(And no, I'm not calling out
that person for her leopard-print skort.)

Orgasmic-sized jar of peanut butter 
at the finish festival.
(And yes, yes I am fondling it.)

In between, 
I ran a personal record time of
3 hours 53 minutes and 50 seconds.
And saw a whole humongous mess of 
Marines along the way.



Bill said...

Awesome job! You're gonna have to run a lot slower when go running or you're gonna leave me in the dust....I mean more than usual

Heidi said...


Christopher said...

I'm not ready for a marathon yet, but strategically planting hot marines along the run may be just the incentive I need...