Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sorry to be lame... (blog-cation)

.... but this trip around, I'm having a difficult time thinking about blogging while vacationing.  

Marathon-completion emotional fall-out and the What Next.  Parsing through some emotional ups-and-downs with MSF, only from a 2-hour time difference instead of 3.   Family time in large quantities, particularly with folks I don't see often.  Crisp, blue, central Minnesota skies .... cruising down 2-lane roads in mid-afternoon with sunglasses on, coffee in hand.  Cousin J marrying the love of her life and the witnessing of amazing union and fellowship.  

I'm not sure these things need to be dissected .... but, rather, experienced and taken as they come.

Thanks for allowing me a brief blog-cation.  See you next week.

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