Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanks-Essay 6: Grateful...

... today.



Steam room.

(Specifically Dawn Upshaw's singing some from A Rake's Progress.)



Spring weather in Fall.

San Francisco, Man From.
(Arriving Saturday for a long weekend.)
(Requiring great patience for 3 days more.)

Spilled ginger ale on Macbook keyboard.
(From Sunday night.)
(So machine stays powered-down for 3 days to dry.) 
(Freeing evenings ((from web-surfing habits)) for making snickerdoodles.)
(And ((more)) sleeping.)
(i.e. small blessings.)


Heidi said...

good list, all of it! Enjoy your spring weather- it dropped 10 degrees today, to 30 degrees in chicago...

Karin said...

@heidi. Thanks! And thanks for the heads-up. Last night I left the windows wide open and listened to the rain as I fell asleep.... might be the last time this season for that. ;-)

Audrey said...

I agree, good list. I think I miss the steam room at the gym more than anything else about the membership!
And now I have to make snickerdoodles.

Karin said...

@Audrey. I have fond memories of making snickerdoodles and gingersnaps in your kitchen on several occasions. :-) We should find a Christmas cookie day between now and the holidays (or even after, methinks!)

Have fun.