Wednesday, August 17, 2011

True statistics

2/24/11:  date of most recent Asics Landreths purchase.

406.01: running miles logged on most recent Asics Landreths as of 8/17/11.
29:  roughly estimated number of pairs of Asics purchased since the year 2000.
499.02: running miles logged in 2011 to date.
7.4:  training weeks, out of 18, completed for Marine Corps Marathon.

0:  current number of running injuries.

246:  number of times I will knock on wood for the rest of the day because I commented, in the middle of marathon training, that I currently have no running injuries, a statement that traditionally results in me getting an injury shortly thereafter.

7.18:   average minutes-per-mile pace achieved Tuesday, over 3.1 miles, running half-mile repeats at a TMIRCE track workout.

(7.50:  personal record road race average minute-per-mile pace, over 4 miles, in 2007).

12number of times Tuesday I headed west, while looping the Harvard Stadium track, and thanked God for the gorgeous sunset.

172:  my weight, in pounds, when I moved to Boston in 1999.
100:  estimated total miles run in the 26 years of life prior to 1999.
132:  my weight, in pounds, today.

Infinite:  number of times per day I thank God for the ability, desire, and health to run.


Bill said...

awesome post. Love numbers like that! Hope to be able to run with you soon.

Karin said...

@Bill. Eric, Brandi --also former Southie runners --and I did Castle Island together last night and we were reminiscing about some of those frosty runs around the causeway. Let's hope we can get one in before the season is over.