Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday numbers

that I rose from the dead at 
6 a.m. 
and drove to Gloucester to 
(alongside Anne and Chris)
complete a
8 a.m. in
62 minutes flat and in
80 degrees and 81% humidity,
that produced approximately 
8 liters of sweat
(from me alone).

Pretend fisher(wo)men
as I dodged the
100s of tourists
to get out of town for
the 43-mile drive home,
my car stereo quit.
One minute on,
one minute off.

Should have seen it coming:
for 2 weeks
I couldn't switch stations;
( WUMB 91.9 Folk Radio,
all the time, baby!)
it was original to the car,
and the car is 20.

I can't decide why I'm
10 times more upset
over this loss than
the impending demise of
the rest of the vehicle.

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