Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BBC 11: Old friend

It was only because I had gone to run TMIRCE track workouts at Harvard Stadium last night after which I really needed a fresh bottle of Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea and thusly stopped at Cambridgeport Whole Foods, where I lingered in the bulk food display sampling the 10 varieties of granola (and buying none), and then decided to walk the beer aisle even though beer doesn't fit in my backpack when I'm biking, that I could come around the corner and lock eyes with the 50-something match I went out with 4 times in May 2009 so we could say each other's names at the same time and, after a hug, run down each other's checklists to make sure we were both working the same jobs and running routines and piano music (we were) and enquire as to each other's dating lives without providing any real details, then ride the escalator out together and wish each other well without pretending we wanted to make future plans, and as I rode down Putnam Ave on quiet streets, could once again be glad that a) this city is small enough that I can be somewhere I'm normally not and so can someone else I know and b) sometimes I let things that shouldn't go on end, but amiably enough, and that's always better than any other alternative.


Student Driver said...

Wow, you went out with a 50-something year old? Wow. I can't do it. Just can't. Kudo's to you.

Karin said...

@Student Driver. I've gone out with 3 50-somethings. Note that I'm not currently dating any of them. But, really, in all cases their age was only marginally a factor in why we didn't keep going out. Most of it was about difference in life views due to generational differences (i.e., the CFO had kids in college and wasn't interested in having kids or getting married again).

prdale said...

Hi Karen,
Just wanted you to know that we are still following your life and to let you know that we are still among the living. Our children and grandchildren treated us to a wonderful 50th Anni. celebration back in June. We have a few possibilities here in Kalamazoo for you and your presence is required. Love from D and R

Karin said...

@D&R. I just got your thank you note in the mail, too....glad to hear of the successful celebration most successful matchmaking endeavor of 1961.

Perhaps next time you can include bios and photos of the possibilities -- or a complimentary plane ticket to Western MI?! I do hope to come there, sometime....I hear y'all have a marathon, now...?!