Friday, April 22, 2011

A good Friday

I needed a day off like no one's business.

I also really needed to throw a frisbee, I guess.

Good thing Joshua was available, then, on my day off.

We met mid-afternoon at The Globe for beers, sandwiches and political small talk, then walked over the Common.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of other people had the same idea, but that's when you're grateful that the local park was once a cow pasture:  there's open space for everyone.

We staked out a triangle of grass and after a few warm-up tosses, got down to business.  The temperature was below 50, but it was sunny, and after 5 minutes, we were both down to short-sleeved t-shirts.  We threw that frisbee for an hour.  We threw it hard.  We threw it over the heads of small children and Japanese tourists stopping between us to take pictures.  We caught about 70% of what the other person threw.  We ran forwards and backwards and did balletic gazelle leaps (Joshua) and once tripped flat down (that was me) and jammed fingers on hard tosses.

Joshua had to leave for his evening plans at 5, and after he went I sat on the grass by my tipped-over bike to catch my breath.  It was only then I acknowledged that, for that hour, I had thought about nothing but hanging out in the Common with my buddy on a sunny afternoon and throwing and catching that frisbee.

For so many reasons, folks, that's plain heaven.

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