Sunday, April 24, 2011

A cool Sunday

Easter is cool for lots of obvious reasons.  (Like eating a Hershey's kiss after surviving 40 days without chocolate. The Resurrection of Jesus. Organ and brass. Tulips.)   It's cool in my world mostly because it is the day of the year that I am most surrounded by friends in feasting and celebration.  Which is why it nearly pains me to say that the coolest thing that happened to me on this cool day was that I was at a party at which the host's garbage disposal went on the fritz and a guest at the party knew how to find the manufacturer-provided allen wrench and the reset button to fix it in 2 seconds, after which I went home and found the manufacturer-provided allen wrench and the reset button to my garbage disposal that has (I thought, anyway) been on the fritz for the last 2 weeks and I fixed it in 2 seconds, which means I don't have to tell my landlord that I screwed up yet another appliance, because I didn't.

Sometimes it's the littlest things.
Day 24 of 30:  4.16 miles
April Total: 47.1
2011 Total:  201.9


Brandi said...

I was gone from the party by that time, but that is awesome! And I will store that knowledge for the inevitable time when my disposal goes on the fritz!

Karin said...

@Brandi. It was Steve P who matter-of-factly solved it...I'm feeling quite sheepish for having sat for so long fretting about fixing it. :-) It's so fun to occasionally feel handy.